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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are you/do you know Madeline?
A. No, this is a fan site created by a party unrelated to Madeline.
Q. Do you have Madeline's contact details, such as e-mail?
A. No. If you want to contact Madeline, you can write to her at:
Madeline Duggan,
BBC Elstree Centre,
Clarendon Road,
Q. Where can I see Madeline?
A. On BBC1 in Eastenders (8.00pm Monday and Friday, 7.30pm Tuesday and Thursday) or catch up on BBC Three at 10.00pm on Eastenders days or BBC iPlayer for action from the last week in the Square. The site also contains links to videos online of Madeline which may be of interest.
Q. Can I contact you?
A. Yes, your input is very much welcomed! If you want to comment in the Guestbook about the site, or e-mail any pictures/videos/information to be put on the site, then feel free to do so - the address is Your comments will be taken into account, and e-mails will be replied to as soon as possible. However, please note that queries for extra information about Madeline will not recieve a response. This is because all information known publicly about Madeline will be placed in the site, and there is no extra information known other than that which is in these pages. There will be no entry into personal correspondance.
Q. How often does Your Say get updated? What is it?
A. Your Say is a page where you can talk about Madeline topics, such as story ideas for her characters. It allows you to, if you don't want to use the forum, put your thoughts down and suggest discussion topic ideas. There are no set periods of update, it occurs as and when questions arise. All questions published will always be included in the mixture of questions on the main page, so you can always comment on old topics if you wish. They're all there for your discussion, so comment about any you like. If you have an idea for a question, then fill in the form on the Your Say page with your suggestions for consideration, and your question may soon be on the page!
Q. Can I talk to other Madeline fans?
A. Yes, you can air your views on the site in the Guestbook, Forum or Your Say and find out what others think, but please do not divulge any personal information (such as e-mail addresses, locations or phone numbers) and take care. Any message divulging personal information will be removed from the site and Forum.
Q. Where do you get the information from?
A. Information comes from other Internet websites (mainly from the BBC and Wikipedia). There are links to the pages where all the site contents come from. Remember this site is unofficial, and merely gathers information from the rest of the web to this one site for ease of use. It is not original, or necessarily accurate.
Q. How often do you update?
A. As regularly as possible, and new information is added as soon as it is found. Check the bottom of the home page for when the site was last updated.
Q. Who can use the Forum? What's it all about?
A. Anyone who registers can use the Forum. Please use it with care, and do not divulge any information about yourself to anyone else. Please also respect the Forum and other users, and do not use offensive language or make inappropriate comments. It's a place to discuss Madeline with other fans, share thoughts and ideas and so on. It's your place to talk about anything you like to do with Madeline. Post your thoughts, collages/drawings etc.