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Unofficial Madeline Duggan

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About Madeline
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Full Name
Madeline Elizabeth Duggan (Maddie)
Date of Birth
28th June 1994, London, UK.
Working Life
Madeline started out in the business by working on the stage in London at the age of 9 in 2003 for a part in Les Miserables (which was on show at the Palace Theatre, London). She had the part of Little Cossette.
She went on to star in 2 short BBC films over the next 2/3 years. She had the part of Amanda in Between Us (2004), where she played a young girl stuck in the family car in a traffic jam. The time was passed by writing messages and holding them to the window when her car pulled up alongside a young boy stuck in a car in the next lane. She was also in Spoilt Eggs (2005), where she had the part of Ellie where an elderly relative serves her eggs, and she discovers a nasty surprise. The only way to escape is to pick up her knife and fork.
She (since July 2006) now has the role of Lauren Branning in BBC1's hit soap, Eastenders. Lauren is the grandaughter of Jim, half-sister of Bradley, and lives in Albert Square with her parents Max and Tanya and younger sister Abi.
She, unusually for someone with brown hair, has blue eyes.
Madeline is a supporter of Millwall Football Club, and often goes to matches.
She doesn't like smokers or smoking much...hopefully her character won't be given a storyline involving drink/smoking/drugs!
She likes music, particularly R&B and hip-hop and is a fan of Jocelyn Brown.
She is often seen wearing black, 'rock-chick', clothes in Eastenders.
Spolit Eggs was nominated as 'Best Newcomer' at the Rushes Soho Short Film Festival in 2006. Between Us also was nominated for, and won, awards.
She appears in Lucy Beale's 'Virtual Desktop'  as her character, Lauren. She is included in galleries, video, chat sessions, and various blog entries.
Between Us can be viewed online here.